Tami Jones 


Tami believes that strong leadership is the key to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Tami assists innovators and start-ups, and those struggling with unsustainable growth, to translate business strategies into customer-centric organizational change.

This includes research, planning, digital content across the journey, social media strategy, and community outreach - advising organizations on sustainable business practices, marketing solutions, and relationship management - both internally and externally.

Tami spent 15 years helping startups and major media corporations, improve efficiencies and solve complex business problems through data-driven analysis and customer listening. She’s famous for her irreverent attitude for ‘social norms’ and has a healthy disdain for people who take life for granted and leaders who blame their teams for failure. Her personal motto is “Lead, or get the hell out of the way.”

Tami studied Anthropology at Arizona State University with an emphasis on philosophy and psychology and is happy to engage in discussions of the evolution of mind, body, and business, whenever you’d like (and sometimes, when you don’t!).