Colleagues Working Together
 Go-to-Market Strategy  


Looking for a Go-to-Market Strategy? Leave it to me. I know just what it takes to differentiate you from the competition.


With my team, I’ll research your competitors and create a strategy to make you the leader in your field. I am driven, dedicated, and will work tirelessly to get the results that you deserve. 

 Brand Identity  


Who are you? We begin by working with you to define your brand value drivers that will represent your company at every level.


We then map out a plan to identify gaps in knowledge and brand promise. This is what we live for: merging creativity and technology in a way that brings you more success than you ever thought possible.

Giving a Presentation
 Introductory Workshop 
In this intro to customer experience-driven design, participants will learn the methodology of journey mapping and why human-centered design is paramount for success.
We’ll take a look at some of the barriers preventing you from adopting a sustainable culture and address concerns about buy-in from key stakeholders in your organization. 
 Half-day Workshop 
The four-hour workshop is for those looking to dig a little deeper into their customer experience efforts.
We’ll take a deep-dive into a focused journey mapping session. Together, we’ll unlock key insights about your target customers and you’ll discover ways to tighten up the experience and turn them into life-long evangelists.
 Experience Management  


Companies that implement a customer experience program can expect, on average, 3x the ROI within the first three years.


We'll help you get there with anthropological research design through ethnography, surveys, and customer co-design to implement experiences that your customers (and investors) will love. 

Analysing the Numbers
Three-month Deep Dive 
In this program, you’ll hire me to partner with your team for an engagement of three months where I'll use each of the above strategies to redesign your business into a human-centered and data-driven enterprise. One that you're truly proud of.


I’ll take you from reactionary (putting out fires) to repeatable strategic design and implementation, and finally, systematic long-term sustainability.